Gym intimidation

Gym Intimidation

Evidence is clear, people who feel discriminated against or embarrassed about their weight, often avoid going to the gym because they are intimidated about working out with all the “hardbodies” at the gym. They think that the gym is filled with only grunting and groaning meatheads slamming hundreds of pounds of weights around, or, the young woman wearing LuLu Lemon and a tiny top showing off her abs, glutes and legs.

The reality is, most gyms, in fact, the fast majority of gyms are filled with average people, people just like you and me, who simply want to lose some weight and/or get healthy. On any given day when I go to the gym where I’m a trainer – Snap Fitness in Glenview, I will see a combination of young and old, short and tall, big and thin. I also see a lot of seniors training to improve their physical health and extend their lives.

Personal trainers often get a bad rap. Occasionally you will see a trainer strenuously working out his or her client, yelling encouragement, getting in the face of their client. There are frequent stories in the news about a trainer who is caught fat-shaming his/her client. Like the story that came out just a couple weeks ago. Fortunately, this bodybuilder who fat shamed another gym-goer was put in her place.

The majority of trainers’ conduct is focused on helping their clients get healthy. Likewise, for most gyms. One gym – Planet Fitness, even has on its website the quote “The whole world judges. We don’t.”

So if gym intimidation is holding you back from joining a gym, it’s time to step up, take a chance, find a gym that feels comfortable and get exercising. If you would like to try out the gym where I’m a personal trainer for a week, give me a call at 312-848-9783 and I can get you a free pass. The gym is located at the corner of Lake and Waukegan in Glenview, Illinois and we are open 24 hours a day.


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