Ways for Seniors to Stay Focused While Working Out

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Senior fitness

Seniors often struggle to stay focused while working out. This impacts their ability to work out. It’s not your fault. There are changes going on in your brain that affect your senses. For example, its known that brain matter reduces by 10 to 15% with aging. These changes make it harder to focus and this in turn affects your workout and consequently, your health.

How does this effect the average senior? Here are a couple of different examples of how the aging process affects you. First, you endure sensory changes with age. This could include a decline in hearing and a lesser ability to drown out irrelevant sounds. At the gym our senses are on overload. There are people working out all around us, there is loud music playing, 20 TV’s are on all at the same time showing different channels. Meanwhile we are supposed to be focusing on what we’re doing. With all that going on around us, it is difficult to drown out the irrelevant sounds and focus on YOU, or perhaps to listen to a Glenview personal trainer giving you instructions. See below for a few suggestions on how you can focus better during your workout.

Another change occurs in a senior’s nervous system (your brain, spine and nerves). In short, your nerves are all connected and they help send messages to muscles to tell you to move. However, as you age, the nerves thin out which slows down the message system. Consequently, seniors move slower and slower as they age. Exercising can reverse this trend. However, it’s a Catch 22 – how do you exercise efficiently with diminished skills? This is where a personal trainer who is experienced working with seniors can help.

If you want to talk to a Glenview personal trainer focused on working with seniors, call me at 312-848-9783.

Here is a look at some of the best ways to stay focused when you are working out:

Envision Your Goal: When you walk into a gym, it is critical to have a clear picture of the goal you want to achieve. You should always keep the bigger picture in mind. While you should be aware of your long-term goal, you should set short-term goals for each workout session. As you achieve your short-term goals, your ultimate goal will become more attainable.

Time it Right: People always say that you should not bring your work problems home. The same is true for the gym. When you worry about things that happened during the day, it can have a negative impact on your workout session. You will be distracted by your thoughts and that will keep you from achieving your short-term goals. Choose a time of day that you can dedicate to nothing but your fitness goals.

Use Your Playlist: You probably have more than a few songs that motivate you. Use them to stay focused while working out and to help achieve your goals. Create a playlist that you can listen to when you are training or working out and you will definitely zone out any distractions and be able to remain focused. Headphones are a key tool for young people working out and can be equally helpful to seniors.

Working out is tough and you need to be focused and limit distractions as much as possible while you are engaging in this activity. If you do not eliminate these distractions, then you will not be able to focus on your workout and you will eventually lose sight of your goals, both short- and long-term.



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