How to Motivate Yourself to go to the Gym


How to Motivate Yourself to go to the Gym

How do you motivate yourself to go to the gym when you don’t want to? That’s a question. I’m serious. I need help. I’ve been pounding it out at the gym for 5 years straight and then, it happened. I got injured. I suffered from severe elbow tendinitis. Not just a little discomfort in my elbow, but serious pain that prevented me from using my right arm from doing anything. As such, I was limited to working legs and doing cardio at the gym AND I HATE CARDIO.

So, how do you motivate yourself to get to the gym when you cannot do what you want to do there? Buehler? It’s a tough question and one that most people, even gym enthusiasts, struggle with.

For the first two months after my plasma injection (they took blood out of me, spun it and then re-injected the platelets back into my tendon – fun…), I did not go to the gym much. Honesty time now. The result has been that I’ve gone up at least an inch or two in my waist size, and my health has deteriorated, at least according to my most recent blood test.

When I did go back, I would do fifteen minutes of cardio while watching the Big Bang Theory (which made it at least tolerable) and I would do legs and core. But I could not do anything with my right arm, no pressing, curling etc. – in short, no lifting of any kind. It’s been rough. I didn’t realize how much my mental health was tied to my physical health, let alone the self-esteem I got from being in good shape.

In my third month, I decided to go back to the gym consistently and do what I could do. I learned to embrace working legs and focused on how many calories I was losing on the recumbent bike rather focusing on what I couldn’t do. I’d be lying if I said it was entirely fulfilling.

Starting this week however, – end of July 2017, I took off my brace and have commenced lifting weights again – very light weights – like 10-20 lbs. I don’t care. They’re weights. And it feels good – no, not my arm which still hurts – but rather, mentally. Just doing what I was unable to do for so long has made me feel better. And I am again looking forward to going to the gym. I’m also standing a little taller this week and I was motivated to eat better again this week as well. In short, I’m on my way back!

So, how do you get to the gym when you don’t want to? You REMEMBER! Remember what it feels like to feel good about yourself. Remember the high you get after you’re done with a workout. Realize the benefit you’re doing for your body by getting exercise. In short, realize that the payoff is beyond your expectations!

If you need help motivating yourself to get to the gym, call Barry at 312-848-9783.


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